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Authentic Japanese BBQ: Tokyo Kalbi
by Mintcastle

kobe beef

I have spent a significant amount of time in Japan. ?From a family of restaurant owners, food is my life. For anyone who loves food, Japan is one of the must-go-to locaton, and I go there frequently. ?From the street food to the $500 kobe steak, ramen stand and 5am sushi, Japanese cuisine with its subtlety, balance, attention to detail, and culture of perfectionism was my food heaven.

Among my favorites, and as with anyone who have spent any significant time in Japan, was Japanese BBQ- hello, ?Kobe beef gained it reputation for a reason! I quickly became accustomed to the authentic Japanese BBQ restaurants that blanketed Tokyo. I quite literally (and happily) ate my way through the city and now back in the states ? Ifve quickly learned the quality and authentic flavors did not translate over to Japanese BBQ here. That is, until I had the pleasure of visiting Tokyo Kalbi, which is a Japanese BBQ place worth gwowingh about and coming back for more. And yes, Ifve even tweeted it. For any meat lover, it is a must on the bucket list. Hard to find, it is discretely tucked away in an unassuming strip mall near the 405 and 10 freeways in Los Angeles. ?The restaurant is sleek, minimalistic, and has the simplistic beauty that is epitomized in Japanese design.

Of course, the main reason youfre here is the BBQ. And luckily, Tokyo Kalbi doesnft disappoint. In my opinion and my friends that I have there since, it is the only restaurant in LA that rivals the best of Japanfs BBQ houses. After meeting with Tokyo Kalbifs Chef Takeshi and receiving a personal introduction and tutorial of his signature dishes, I understood what made all of the dishes distinguishably notable. Chef Takeshi focuses on utilizing only the finest selections of Kobe beef in his BBQ. He admits that most Japanese BBQfs in LA take cuts from anywhere on the steer and proceed to slice with a machine, but at Tokyo Kalbi ? he and his chefs hand-cut and actually discard up to 40% of the beef in order to ensure only the finest, juiciest cuts with the highest quantity of marbleization. This standard process omits the need to use marinades or dipping sauces. Although if you are like my some of companion who can not resist dipping, you would not be disappointed in the selection of 5 different dipping sauces, crisp, sweet, made in house,? and all incredibly delicious.? ?If aiming to experience the meats in a Japanese authentic way, add a dash of lemon, and a light salt and pepper . This is the very most thatfs needed with Tokyo Kalbifs melt-in-your-mouth selections. The quality and succulent flavors have not been experienced since I was in Japan.

Signature dishes (aka must try) are the Kobe and US prime beef tongue slice, paired with the prime Kobe steak. These delectable dishes are tender, succulent, and melt in your mouth. Combined with Kobe rib eye, the short rib, pork toro, and for true adventure of the cow, try tripe, gara, and intestines. Savory dishes beyond the BBQ realm that are great accompaniments in flavor are the cheese stone pot bimbap, oxtail ? collagen (yes, collagen!) broth with noodles, and shishito peppers with garlic satay. Oh, and another perk. Despite wearing a cashmere sweater, I walked away smelling decidedly un-BBQ like. With Tokyo Kalbi, my search for authentic and delicious Japanese BBQ has come to satiating conclusion; I couldnft ask for a better experiencing combining taste, price, quality, service, and experience.