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After apprenticeship at several major popular "Yakiniku" style Japanese BBQ restaurants, a chef opens a new business to promote Japanese grilled meat so that more people can fall in love with its taste.

How delicious a piece of meat can be changes drastically with how you cut it. Each cow has different muscle characteristics, including fat distribution and fiber placement.

Such characteristics are ascertained with a keen eye -- the thickness can vary by less than a millimeter and even the angle to be slice is carefully considered. No meat slicers are ever used; every slice is hand-sliced by an artisan

Japanese BBQ


Enjoy our delicious cuts of meat grilled on Japanese charcoal and dip with our house made sauces.
Our Japanese BBQ Yakiniku will melt in your mouth.

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Always Fresh. Always Delicious.

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Discover the combination of amazing food, exceptional service, and incredible ambience.

Try our Ramenya next door under the same ownership as Japanese BBQ restaurant Tokyo Kalbi.
Try our delicious ramen at Ramenya, we have a variety of menu items to choose from including appetizers, rice bowls, sushi rolls and much more!


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